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Cement Clinker sales for Chittagong

cement clinker sale for Chittagong

Cement Clinker Sales for Chittagong

Cement Clinker Type II is ready in the loading port. You can sees technical analysis here in the link:

Portland Cement Clinker-Type II
For SCO please send us a confirmed company Letter of Intent-LOI to our sales office.
or fill this inquiry form.

50,000 MT is available to Load in the POL

Cement Clinker Summer Offer

Cement Clinker Summer Sale

Datis Export Group Supply Portland Cement Clinker in Bandar Abbas Port and Bandar Imam port as FOB term. We Supplies Cement Clinker to Chittagong Destination Monthly for 50,000 MT.Our sales teams may arrange to export the Clinker as CIF to any Destination Port.

Cement Clinker

Cement Clinker Type 2


Portland Cement Clinker-Type II

Status: Fresh

Standard: ASTM C-150-05

Delivery: CIF- Chittagong Port

Payment Terms: TT

Datis Export Group Cement Clinker