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When you need a Full-Time Supplier with Profession and Experience


We know cement factories looking for STANDARD, HIGH-QUALITY, and reasonable PRICE of cement clinker in their warehouse. They need full support and protect the delivery time and quality of the clinker. We supply and export Cement Clinker for Type I, Type II, and Type V ASTM C-150 standard monthly. Fresh, High-Quality, and Direct from the Cement Clinker plant to your destination port is our high priority mission. We have Bulk Vessel agreement to export the cement clinker to Chittagong port-Bangladesh, Colombo port-Sri Lanka, Mombasa port-Kenya, Dar es Salaam port-Tanzania, Mina Saqr port-UAE monthly.

Cement Type 1


Every construction projects need special Portland cement for the best results and we know what you are looking for! we know the standards and supply and export the right Portland Cement, based on your inquiry and analysis.


Datis Export Group has a direct contract to the petrochemical plants in the Middle East area for UREA %46 Nitrogen Fertilizer for any type of packaging. We supply BULK UREA 46 and manage for the bulk vessel to your destination ports all over the world monthly.


Purity is the principal concern that we are considering Bituminous commodities. New Steel Drum, Penetration Grade-PG Series, and Oxidized Bitumen are our main products. we are dealing with Jey Oil Refineries, Pasargad Oil Refineries, and a few private oil refineries for all types of bulk and packing for bitumen products. You may offer Bulk, New Steel Drum, Jumbo Bag, Poly Bag, and carton for packaging.


Produced by petrochemical plants for %99.8 sulfur purity. Bulk transportation to any destination ports.

Aluminium Ingot

Datis Export Group supply Aluminium Ingots for 1,000-pound and 50-pound sow. We export AL ingots to any destination ports all over the world.

Petroleum products-datis export group


Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, and LPG

Petrochemical products-datis export group-supplier


All Polymers and petrochemical products

Polyethylene-PE-Datis export Group-supplier



Placing an order

Some of the PLANTS that we are dealing

Manufacturers need supplies which are needed regularly for a long time; We here at Datis Export Group can provide you the supplies you need while keeping in mind that you are a long term customer

CIF, FOB, FCA, Ex-Work

From the Plant to your Destination Port

"High-Quality standard and Reasonable Price in the destination means what we are looking for our sincere clients as a Full-Time Supplier"
Mohammad Reza Gharaei
Mohammad R. Gharaei

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