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Polyethylene Materials

LDPE, HDPE and all Polymers manufactured in the Middle East Petrochemical Plants


Low-density PE

LFI 2119, LFI 2130, LFI 2047A

High-density PE

A series of HDPE Film materials such as HFI 5110, HFI 3713


HD 7000F is high-density polyethylene co-polymer (with Butene-1 as co monomer) which well known for the high quality film applications.

High-density PE

Good impact strength, rigidity, environmental stress cracking resistance and low parison sag large container for transport and storage of chemicals and water Automobile fuel tank, chemical storage tanks, large-sized containers and gallons

High-density PE

Suitable   for   Injection   Molding   and   Extrusion,   Optical,   Business Machines, Packaging, Sports, Appliances, Electrical, Lighting, Wire & Cable, Automotive, Sheets

Datis Export Group-Sales Team-Supplier Price

Full-Time Professional Team

We know about the industrial factory hectic schedule. We also know we should deliver the right analysis materials at the right delivery time. This is why we’ve set a technical team to help the buyer from placing order to receiving the commodity in the buyer’s warehouse.