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Datis Order Procedures

Order Procedures
Bulk Cargo

by Datis Export Group

We realize that strong buyer-supplier relationships are essential for growth. Arguably more valuable than an increase in business efficiency is the development of strong, trusting relationships with your vendors. This is essential to business success, especially for suppliers.
Datis Export Group’s CEO is thinking to simplicity all of the time. “Exportation, Simplified” Mohammad Reza Gharaei (CEO) said. We prepared a simple flowchart for order procedures from A to Z. From sending us an inquiry till delivery the commodity in your destination port.

So if you asked us a competitive price as CIF or FOB terms, we need more details about your inquiries such as Quantity, Packaging, Shipping method, Payment Terms, Destination Port, Delivery Time, and the Target Price.

You can see our order procedures for Bulk Commodities (without packaging) as following:

Letter of Intent-LOI-datis export group-supplier price

Letter of Intent-LOI

Send us your INQUIRY details as a formal company LOI. Quantity, Product Analysis, Destination Port, payment Terms, Delivery Time, and the Target Price should be clarify.

soft corporate offer-sco-datis export group-supplier-price

Soft Corporate Offer-SCO

You will receive Datis Export's SCO by email. We will offer the best quality and reasonable price based on your LOI's details.

icpo-datis export group-supplier

Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order -ICPO

When BUYER accepts our terms and conditions in SCO, they should send us an ICPO to receiving PI-Performa Invoice.

banking and accounting-datis export group-supplier

Banking and Accounting affairs

For TT payments, We need PoF (such as BCL) in this step and for LC payment; our Financial department will ask LC Draft of Buyer's bank account. Banking affairs and Transportation from production plant to loading port will be carry out in this step, accordingly.

datis export group-loading to vessel-supplier price

Loading the shipment to the Vessel and Inspection in port of loading (POL)

Inspection affairs and berthing the Bulk Vessel in Port of Loading (POL) will be coordinating in this step. When vessel was ready, our logistic team will start loading the commodities to the vessel.

Order Procedures -Datis Export Group-Supplier

Datis export's Solutions
Boost your output product

We realize all our client’s requirements: High-Quality materials, Special technical Analysis, Reasonable Price in Destination, Monthly Supply and Export, No fluctuation in Quality and Prices

datis export group-sales team

Our Team

ŔźDatis export Group has a few departments such as Petrochemical, Chemical, Portland Cement, Petroleum, Industrial, Financial, and Logistic. We are working to find the best manufacturer regards to technical analysis. Our main goal is client’s satisfaction in Quality and Price.