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Polyvinyl chloride-P V C

S-P V C, and E-P V C

Polyvinyl chloride


Application: Rigid and Semi-Rigid and Plasticized P V C; Pipes, Profiles, Tubes, Sheets and Film

Emulsion-P V C

Application: Rigid foam for flooring, Leather Clothes, Sealing Compounds, Coating and Laminating


Application: Extrusion of flexible sections and hoses and injection moulding for sanitary ware, building parts, water fitting, WC flush tank

Datis Export Group-Sales Team-Supplier Price

Full-Time Professional Team

We know about the industrial factory hectic schedule. We also know we should deliver the right analysis materials at the right delivery time. This is why we’ve set a technical team to help the buyer from placing order to receiving the commodity in the buyer’s warehouse.