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Petrochemical Raw Materials

If you are looking for the Petrochemical Materials for your industrial plant, We may Supply and Export all you need to your destination port.


Direct order to Petrochemical Plants

Ther buyer excited to deal with petrochemical plants directly. Datis Export Group supply petrochemical raw materials requirements through Petrochemical plants directly -and the same price- as a registered licensed distributor. Also we export all products to your destination port as CIF term if you asked for. We may offer Ex-Work, FCA, and FOB too. You may send us a Letter of Intent-LOI to experience a competitive SCO.

Petrochemical Products

Granular and Prilled

Urea, a white crystalline solid containing 46% nitrogen, is widely used in the agricultural industry as an animal feed additive and fertilizer. We may supply two types of Urea 46, Granular Urea and Prilled Urea.

Granular %95.5

Sulphur is a multivalent non-metal, abundant, tasteless and and odorless. In its native form sulphur is a yellow crystalline solid. Sulphur purity is important for the buyers. We supply granular sulphur for %99.7 Purity and more.

Pipe Grade (PE 100Black)

CRP100 Black are high molecular weight high density polyethylene copolymers, developed as general purpose resin for use in pressure and non-pressure pipes.



Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. This is the polymer that makes grocery bags, shampoo bottles, children’s toys, and even bullet proof vests. For such a versatile material, it has a very simple structure, the simplest of all commercial polymers. We supply: HDPE Film, LDPE Film, HDPE 0035, HDPE 8200B


Polyethylene terephthalate

Chemical Formula (C10H8O4)PET SD and PET SB

PET Chips used in Textile Industry is also known as Fiber grade PET chips, filament grade PET chips or textile grade PET chips. 



We supply:POY 150, POY  250 48.

Textile grade PET Chips are used for making Polyester Filament yarn like POY, FDY and Staple fiber used broadly in the Textile industry.


Polyvinyl chloride


We supply: SPVC 6532, EPVC 6834, SPVC 6558.

Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer About 40 million tons of PVC are produced each year.



polycarbonate resin

Suitable for Injection Molding and Extrusion, Optical, Business Machines, Packaging, Sports, Appliances, Electrical, Lighting, Wire & Cable, Automotive, Sheets.

Styrene Butadiene rubber

Styrene-butadiene or styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) describe families of synthetic rubbers derived from styrene and butadiene. Exceeding all other synthetic rubbers in consumption, SBR is used in great quantities in automobile and truck tires, generally as an abrasion-resistant replacement for natural rubber (produced from polyisoprene)


Epoxy resins are used in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics, paints, coatings, primers and sealers, flooring and other products and materials that are used in building and construction applications.

Polyethylene terephthalate

TDI, MDI Polymeric, MDI Pure, Aniline

Isocyanates are a family of highly reactive, low molecular weight chemicals. They are widely used in the manufacture of flexible and rigid foams, fibers, and coatings.

Datis Export Group-Sales Team-Supplier Price

Full-Time Professional Team

We know about the industrial factory hectic schedule. We also know we should deliver the right analysis materials at the right delivery time. This is why we’ve set a technical team to help the buyer from placing order to receiving the commodity in the buyer’s warehouse.