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Datis Export Group’s Products


High density / Medium density polyethylene or HDPE is a low cost, milky white, semi-translucent thermoplastic. HDPE is easy to process and can be blended with other polymers and/or additives, like (surface treated) fillers, other polyolefin (LDPE, LLDPE), and pigments to alter its basic properties


HFI 5110 is recommended for blown film extrusion. This product is suitable for manufacture of high strength grocery sacks, shopping bags and high quality thin films for uni/multi-wall packaging.

Medium Density Polyethylene

MFI 3713 is a medium density polyethylene, which has a broad molecular weight distribution and high melt strength. This product specially designed for producing thin films with high tear resistance, good sealability, high strength and high draw down


If you need a Soft Corporate Offer-SCO

We need to receive a formal company Letter of Intent LOI to our sales office in the first step. Please clarify all information about your request such as Quantity, Products Analysis, Destination Port, Payment Terms, Target Price, your Company Profile, PoF (BCL) in your LOI.