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Datis Export Group’s Products

Petroleum Products

Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, Poly-bag Bitumen, LPG

Supply Export Clinker -Bitumen -Urea -Portland Cement-Datis Export Group

PURITY manner

Handling and Shipping affairs in petroleum products are important for the buyers. Datis Export Group's team will carry out all order procedures until the destination port. We can supply FOB in the loading port or CIF term to the destination port all over the world. Our petroleum order procedures: LOI, SCO, ICPO, PI, Banking affairs, Inspection, Loading the commodity to the vessel in POL, and finally Discharging in the destination port.

Petroleum Products

Penetration Grade, New Steel Drum, 1,500 Kg Jumbo

We can supply all types of Penetration grade for Bitumen. We are dealing directly with the best oil refineries like Jey oil and Pasargad oil and will deliver their embossed new steel drums. We have supply the bitumen by other reputed refineries too. New steel drum and bulk packing.

25 Kg Carton Packing

Datis Export Group supplies the high-quality and the best purity oxidized bitumen in the markets mostly R115/15 for 25 Kg poly bag and carton packaging. We may customized packaging based on the buyer’s requirements.


Bulk Vessel

we supply the Liquefied petroleum gas LPG by the No.1 refinery in the world. Our price will be announced based on Gulf plants as a direct contract refinery. We supply FOB in loading port and export to destination port as CIF by Q88 Bulk Vessel. 

Supply Export Clinker Bitumen Urea-Datis Export Group

If you need a Soft Corporate Offer-SCO

We need to receive a confirmed company Letter of Intent LOI to our sales office in the first step. Please clarify all information and your inquiry such as Quantity, Products Analysis, Destination Port, Payment Terms, Target Price, your Company Profile, PoF in your LOI.