Datis Inc. may Supply and Export Aluminium Foil all over the world. 

Aluminium Foil factory has advanced process technology and strict quality control, Datis Inc. supply high quality aluminum foil with thickness 0.006-0.10 mm (6-10 Micron) widths range from 1 meter to 2.3 meters for many industries. 

To aluminium foil factory, the process technology can be the most important facotor that affect the product quality. Advances in aluminum foil production technology have benefited from two main areas, automatic control and smelting technology.


Aluminium Foil Application:

  • Pharmaceutical Foil
  • Battery Shell Foil
  • Milk Cap Foil
  • Honeycomb Foil
  • Adhesive Foil
  • Packaging Foil
  • Cable Foil
  • Electronic Foil

We will pack your Aluminium Foil roll based on your requirment to shipping.