Datis Export Group

Polymers and related application

Datis Export Group is working as representative of JPC Plant. We supply all types of JPC products for exporting. Our largest volume size of export is related to HDPE products.

Datis Inc. supply a range of producs in Polypropylene, LLDPE, HDPE. (You may see Production Plant of JPC as below chart)

JPC is considered as one of the largest producers of chemical and polymeric products in Iran and owns production lines of Olefin, LLDP and HDPE, Butadiene and Butene-1. Company’s registered capital reaches to about 170 million USD.

Other advantages of JPC are:

  • Annual production capacity of 1,320,000 MT of ethylene and 306,000 MT of propylene, which makes it as one of the largest of its kind in the world. One of the unique specifications of this unit, is its high production capacity and possibility of utilization of dual furnaces that makes it capable of using both gas and liquid feedstock.
  • HDPE unit’s capacity reaches to 300,000 MT, annually. This unit, along with capability of producing 26 main grades, is also capable of production of      black, yellow, blue and normal grades which is an exclusive advantage of the company.
  • JPC is the largest petrochemical plant of the region in terms of personnel number and export rate.

SGS inspection services for Clinker Cement

Datis Clinker Cement in Imam Khomeni Port (Ready to shipment) received SGS certification same as earlier.

We will arrange Inspection Services by SGS. Datis help you to reduce risk, contrl quality and meet all relevant regulatory requirements for Portland and Clinker Cement befor shipping.

Imam Khomeini Port-Bulk Carrier Ship for Clinker Export by Datis Inc.

Datis arranged Bulk Carrier Ship for Clinker Cement Exporting - Imam Khomeini port (FOB incoterms)